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Virginia Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Virginia

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Virginia Poster

Release Date :

May 18, 2012 Limited

Studio :

Entertainment One

Director :

Dustin Lance Black

Starring :

Jennifer Connelly, Emma Roberts, Ed Harris, Toby Jones

"Virginia" (Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly), is a charming, vibrant, and well...completely psychologically disturbed mother of Emmett (Harrison Gilbertson), the sweetest illegitimate 16-year-old boy a mom could ask for. She has been entangled in a secret 20-year love affair with Richard Tipton (4-time Academy Award nominee Ed Harris), a highly visible, local Mormon Sheriff running for a seat on the state senate. Both Virginia and Tipton have their own pasts to protect... a situation that quickly escalates when Emmett becomes focused on a romantic relationship with Tipton's daughter, Jessie (Emma Roberts). The film also stars academy award nominee Amy Madigan as Tipton's wife, Roseanna, and Toby Jones as Max.


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