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96 Minutes Clip 'Hospital'

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A clip/trailer of 96 Minutes

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96 Minutes Poster
96 Minutes

Release Date :

April 27, 2012 Limited

Studio :

ARC Entertainment

Director :

Aimee Lagos

Starring :

Brittany Snow, Christian Serratos, Evan Ross, Hosea Chanchez

Inspired by true events, "96 Minutes" is the hair-raising story of 4 kids and one terrifying night. The events of the night unfold in real time as we intercut between a carjacking and the beginning of that day. Told in an interlocking structure, the story centers around four young lives which collide in a shocking and terrifying moment with an acutely uncertain outcome. With acclaimed performances by a multicultural cast, this richly complex moral tale touches on the issues of race, class, friendship and our connections to the past.


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