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Get the Gringo Clip 'El Pueblito'

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A clip/trailer of Get the Gringo

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Get the Gringo Poster
Get the Gringo

Release Date :

May 01, 2012 VOD

Studio :

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Director :

Adrian Grunberg

Starring :

Mel Gibson, Peter Stormare, Scott Cohen, Bob Gunton

The story of Driver, a career criminal who is picked up by the Mexican police as he desperately tries to cross the border in a car stuffed full of stolen cash. The police take the cash and dump him in the infamous El Pueblito prison - a hell on earth where the prison gangs run the show. Driver has no ID or fingerprints but he still gets a visit from a corrupt American Embassy official who has heard about the money. If Driver doesn't find a way of paying him off while he's inside, then he's going to let the authorities know where Driver is. And it won't be long before the guys he stole the money from find him too. Driver knows it is sink or swim. He hooks up with a young boy who shows him how to survive in the prison, but the kid has a terrible secret. He shares a rare blood type with Javi - the criminal who ruthlessly controls the prison and everyone in it. The kid is Javi's life insurance policy and he has doctors on standby to transplant his liver whenever the time comes. But Driver has other ideas and pretty soon he devises an audacious plan to escape with the kid, the kid's mother and the money.


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