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Aftermath Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Aftermath

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Aftermath Poster

Release Date :

November 28, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Ronin Films LLC

Director :

Thomas Farone

Starring :

Anthony Michael Hall, Chris Penn, Jamie Harrold, Tony Danza

Tom Fiorini (Anthony Michael Hall, The Dead Zone) owns a successful construction company. After his long time foreman goes missing, events take a drastic turn for the worse. During the search for his foreman, Tom plummets down a slippery slope of violence and hired hit men, only to find the fire with which he plays is much hotter than he could have ever expected. Director Thomas Farone (Nate Dogg) brilliantly creates a haunting, emotional film with richly layered performances by its multi award-winning cast-which includes a tour-de-force by the late Chris Penn, in his final film. Absorbing and complex, Aftermath is a Cinequest 23 highlight and a stylish noir crime thriller that will have audiences talking long after.


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