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Release Date :

December 06, 2011 TV Premiere

Studio :


Director :

John Gray

Starring :

Carla Gugino, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Kevin Alejandro, Bridget Regan

"Hide" stars Carla Gugino ("Californication", "Entourage") as Boston Police Detective D.D. Warren, who is called to the grounds of an abandoned mental hospital where a buried chamber is discovered. Inside are the mummified remains of six young women who have all been missing for years. The case leads D.D. to Annabelle, played by Bridget Regan ("Legend of the Seeker"). Annabelle is a young woman who spent her childhood moving from city to city, from identity to identity, hiding from someone or something totally unknown to her. D.D. uses clues from Annabelle's secret past to unravel the mystery behind her twisted family history. Mark-Paul Gosselaar ("Franklin & Bash", "NYPD Blue") plays Alex Wilson, and Kevin Alejandro ("True Blood", "Southland") is Det. Bobby Dodge.


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i follow forever. i like very much ^______^

posted by kan on Mar 18, 2012