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Coriolanus US Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Coriolanus

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Coriolanus Poster

Release Date :

January 20, 2012 Limited

Studio :

The Weinstein Company

Director :

Ralph Fiennes

Starring :

Ralph Fiennes, Vanessa Redgrave, Gerard Butler, Brian Cox

Caius Martius 'Coriolanus' (Ralph Fiennes), a revered and feared Roman General is at odds with the city of Rome and his fellow citizens. Pushed by his controlling and ambitious mother Volumnia (Vanessa Redgrave) to seek the exalted and powerful position of Consul, he is loath to ingratiate himself with the masses whose votes he needs in order to secure the office. When the public refuses to support him, Coriolanus's anger prompts a riot that culminates in his expulsion from Rome. The banished hero then allies himself with his sworn enemy Tullus Aufidius (Gerard Butler) to take his revenge on the city.


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