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Bringing Up Bobby Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Bringing Up Bobby

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Bringing Up Bobby Poster
Bringing Up Bobby

Release Date :

September 28, 2012 Limited

Studio :

Monterey Media

Director :

Famke Janssen

Starring :

Milla Jovovich, Bill Pullman, Marcia Cross, Spencer List

In an effort to escape her murky past and build a better future, Olive (Milla Jovovich), a nomadic European con-artist, and her 10-year-old American-born son, Bobby (Spencer List), find themselves living in Oklahoma.

As her top priority, Olive seeks to give Bobby the things she never had. But despite of her efforts (or perhaps because of them) Bobby displays troubling behavior both at his school and in their conservative neighborhood. Things take a turn for the worse after Bobby's unfortunate "run-in" with the local and wealthy businessman Kent (Bill Pullman), and Olive's criminal past finally catches up with her, forcing her to make the toughest judgment of all.


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