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Dark Horse Short Clip

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A clip/trailer of Dark Horse

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Dark Horse Poster
Dark Horse

Release Date :

June 08, 2012 NY

Studio :

Brainstorm Media

Director :

Todd Solondz

Starring :

Justin Bartha, Selma Blair, Mia Farrow, Donna Murphy

Abe is a 30-something who lives with his parents, works for his father, and collects toys. When he isn't playing backgammon with his mother, he's trying to romance Miranda, a 30-something who has moved back in with her parents after her literary/academic career crashed. Out of desperation, Miranda reluctantly agrees to marry Abe, and the two begin to plan their life together. But, just when it looks like things are starting to go right for Abe, everything goes horribly wrong.


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