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Girlfriend Clip 'Our Secret'

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A clip/trailer of Girlfriend

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Girlfriend Poster

Release Date :

July 21, 2011 Limited

Studio :

Strand Releasing

Director :

Justin Lerner

Starring :

Evan Sneider, Jackson Rathbone, Shannon Woodward, Amanda Plummer

Evan is a young man with Down Syndrome who lives with his mother in a poor, working-class town hit hard by the recent economic recession. When he unexpectedly comes into a large amount of money, Evan uses it to romantically pursue Candy, a girl from town who he has loved since high school.

Candy, now a barely-employed single mom, is facing financial debt, possible eviction, and the inability to rid herself of Russ, her abusive, volatile, ex-boyfriend. In no position to turn down Evan's offers of financial support, Candy hesitantly accepts his gifts, which causes the pair to enter a complicated emotional entanglement.

When Russ catches on to Candy and Evan's odd relationship, all three of them become intertwined in a complex triangle of secrets, jealousy, and revenge. Despite his many hardships and the seeming impossibility of Candy being able to return his love, Evan struggles to remain a resilient, pure embodiment of human compassion.


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