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Age of Heroes Clip 'Don't Leave Me'

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A clip/trailer of Age of Heroes

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Age of Heroes Poster
Age of Heroes

Release Date :

May 20, 2011 UK

Studio :

Metrodome Distribution

Director :

Adrian Vitoria

Starring :

Sean Bean, Danny Dyer, Izabella Miko, James D'Arcy

"Age of Heroes" follows the exploits of Corporal Rains (Danny Dyer) as he is inducted into the newly formed 30 Commando unit in World War II. Rains and the rest of the platoon are put through intensive training under the watchful eye of Major Jones (Sean Bean), where their skills and endurance are pushed to the limit as they prepare for their first highly classified and dangerous mission: to parachute into occupied Norway and capture deadly new radar technology from the Germans which could change the outcome of the war.

The newly formed band of brothers are joined in their task by local insurgent Steiner (Askel Hennie) and beautiful spy Jensen (Izabella Miko). All their lethal commando skills are put to the test as they attempt to rescue Norwegian villagers, escape fierce gun battles and attain the radar technology from Nazi commander Teichman (Eric Madsen). Their plan is thrown into crisis when their pick-up is sabotaged by a traitor in their midst, and they must fight their way to the border. With the Nazis desperate to hunt them down and stop them, the commandos realise how important their mission is to the war effort, as the fate of the Allies' advance into Europe rests in their hands.


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