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Red Faction: Origins Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Red Faction: Origins

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Red Faction: Origins Poster
Red Faction: Origins

Release Date :

June 04, 2011 TV Premiere

Studio :


Director :

Michael Nankin

Starring :

Brian J. Smith, Robert Patrick, Kate Vernon, Tamzin Merchant

In the year 2125, Alec Mason led the Martian Colonies to freedom in the hit action game Red Faction: Guerrilla. Now, Syfy and THQ are teaming up to continue the saga of conflict on Mars 25 years later in an all-new Original Movie, Red Faction: Origins. Stargate Universe's Brian J. Smith stars as Jake Mason, son of revolutionary hero Alec Mason (Terminator 2's Robert Patrick) and a Red Faction ranger. Fighting to preserve Martian freedom, Jake encounters a powerful new enemy in a dangerous and mysterious group led by the charismatic Adam Hale (Torchwood's Gareth David-Lloyd) and holding secrets that will rock the Mason clan. Jake must now battle the relentless regime and somehow reunite a family torn apart by war.


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