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I Saw the Devil Trailer

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A clip/trailer of I Saw the Devil

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I Saw the Devil Poster
I Saw the Devil

Release Date :

March 04, 2011 Limited

Studio :

Magnet Releasing

Director :

Ji-woon Kim

Starring :

Lee Byung-hyun, Choi Min-Sik, Jeon Ho-jin, Jeon Gook-hwan

Lee Byung-hyun (The Good, the Bad and the Weird) stars as Dae-hoon, a special agent whose pregnant wife becomes the latest victim of a disturbed and brutal serial killer, captivatingly played by Oldboy's Choi Min-sik. Vowing revenge, Dae-hoon blurs the lines between hunter and hunted and good and evil, eventually becoming a monster himself in his twisted pursuit of revenge. From Korean genre master Kim Jee-woon (The Good, The Bad and The Weird and A Tale of Two Sisters) I SAW THE DEVIL is shockingly violent and stunningly accomplished, transcending the police procedural and pushing the boundaries of extreme Asian cinema in surprising and thrilling new ways.


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