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The Undefeated Sneak Peek 1

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A clip/trailer of The Undefeated

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The Undefeated Poster
The Undefeated

Release Date :

July 15, 2011 Limited

Studio :

ARC Entertainment

Director :

Stephen K. Bannon

Starring :

Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce, Andrew Breitbart, Kate Obenshain

An epic two-hour feature documentary film, "The Undefeated" chronicles the rise from obscurity of one of America's new generation of leaders: Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Starting during the Exxon Valdez disaster of 1989 when Palin worked a commercial fishing boat she owned with her blue-collar husband, the film shows the struggles, the victories and the setbacks during a controversial career.

Starring the leading conservative commentators Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce, Andrew Breitbart; conservative activists Kate Obenshain, Sonnie Johnson, Jamie Radtke; and Alaskan civil servants, political leaders and advisors from the dramatic days of change in mid-decade, "The Undefeated" provides a fresh and revealing look at Governor Sarah Palin.


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