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Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life (Feat. Drake)

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up to ?

posted by losaaaa on Mar 03, 2011

Heeeeey (=

posted by Moana on Mar 02, 2011

hey moana ihts maddison

posted by maddison on Mar 02, 2011

chuuuur ; same here ! kinda gay haha YUUUM ! :P so hows life ?

posted by Moana on Mar 02, 2011

nothing just in class you :L

posted by losa on Mar 02, 2011

Yozaaaa ; whats the happs bruu ?

posted by Moana on Mar 02, 2011

hey moana ;)

posted by Losaline on Mar 02, 2011

fuck you allen ! baha

posted by Losa on Mar 02, 2011

imm off bitch lolz

posted by allen on Feb 28, 2011

allen you gay bo :L

posted by allens gay on Feb 28, 2011

haha my name iz losa im from redbank plains statehigh school hahah btw i love diz song

posted by allen namualii on Feb 28, 2011


posted by Losa on Feb 28, 2011

i love dis song

posted by mia on Feb 19, 2011

love this video moment 4 life

posted by me on Feb 16, 2011

heyy mom i love ur video dnt listen to haterz cause they dnt know u

posted by tkeyah nycole on Feb 12, 2011

didnt even see the video

posted by jjzet on Feb 02, 2011

best video yet, Nicki is doing the damn thing..( ITS MARTHA! ) LOL

posted by BaddBxtch on Feb 01, 2011


posted by taz on Jan 31, 2011

wen i seen this video i was like you beta do it niki ....... cause they are ment to b 2gather

posted by 21trese on Jan 31, 2011

Omg Nicki Minaj and me are the baddest bitches right now i love this video!!!! POWER TO THE BISEXUALS!!!! I love u NICKI!!! I WISH THAT I COULD HAVE THE SAME MOMENT FOR LIFE!!!

posted by Sexy_But_Deadly on Jan 31, 2011

Man This iS The Best Sonq Everyyyyyyyyyy

posted by Paris on Jan 31, 2011


posted by MELLY on Jan 29, 2011


posted by nikki on Jan 28, 2011