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Flypaper Clip 'Swiss Miss Is Missing'

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A clip/trailer of Flypaper

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This Movie Info

Flypaper Poster

Release Date :

August 19, 2011 Limited

Studio :

IFC Films

Director :

Rob Minkoff

Starring :

Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd, Tim Blake Nelson, Adrian Martinez

Tripp Kennedy (Patrick Dempsey) ambles into a bank near closing time, just as two different gangs unwittingly converge to rob it. A shoot-out erupts, and Tripp tackles the smart, pretty teller, Kaitlin (Ashley Judd), to protect her. The gangs-one clearly made up of pros and the other a couple of buffoons named Peanut Butter (Tim Blake Nelson) and Jelly (Pruitt Taylor Vince) - have deadlocked themselves in a Mexican standoff. The bank's security system starts the end-of-day lockdown and seals everyone into the building. As the night evolves, a hilarious game of cat and mouse ensues as Tripp and Kaitlin try to save the day, escape being killed, and avoid falling in love . . . almost.


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