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Grassroots (Meet the Cast)

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Behind the scene of Grassroots

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Grassroots Poster

Release Date :

June 22, 2012 Limited

Studio :

The Samuel Goldwyn

Director :

Stephen Gyllenhaal

Starring :

Jason Biggs, Joel David Moore, Cobie Smulders, Christopher McDonald

It's 2001, before Twitter, before the flash mob and before Obama. A political unknown named Grant Cogswell (Joel David Moore) decides he must take down Seattle City Councilman Richard McIver (Cedric the Entertainer). Grant has only one dream, but it's a big one: an elegant monorail gliding silently above the city's wet streets, with only a tiny footprint--"like a kids' lemonade stand!"--on the ground. He is apoplectic with rage over McIver's mass transit proposal: a ground rail train he thinks will destroy lower class neighborhoods, wreak environmental harm on the local salmon population, and destroy the city. Grant has no campaign contributors, a tendency toward outbursts of profanity, and a snowball's chance in hell--until he lures recently fired alternative-weekly reporter Phil Campbell (Jason Biggs) to run his campaign. Phil may be a political neophyte, but he has the tact that Grant lacks and a 'what- the-hell-I-haven't-got-anything-better-to-do' attitude... until he recruits an army of wild-eyed young volunteers to back their unlikely crusade, and the impossible begins to happen.


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