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Pink - F**kin' Perfect

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Tags : Pink
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you are the best ok, your more then the best you are the best of the best you are close to m.j.

posted by your mate on Apr 10, 2011

your the best

posted by timtam on Apr 10, 2011

i know :L

posted by d on Mar 02, 2011

pink is fuckin perfect!!

posted by yacipattinson4ever on Feb 27, 2011

I can actualy relate to this song

posted by Big Fan on Feb 14, 2011

Song so touching, as well as the vid. It reminds me of my childhood and how my child is coping with the "perfect" ppl. around him...

posted by UnPerfecto on Feb 11, 2011

this song speaks to me.i compare myself with other girls and pick out things i dont like about myself but since i listened to this song im trying 2 stop

posted by yacipattinson4ever on Feb 10, 2011

u t67m yr5y rtd grtd

posted by gre tera n on Jan 31, 2011