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Rihanna - Only Girl (In the World)

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u need to grow the hell up

posted by jessica on Jan 31, 2011

i like it and btw i like all of ur music

posted by gscott on Dec 24, 2010

i luv this song it so fuckin awesome

posted by cookies_yum on Dec 10, 2010

hi rihanna yo music was great

posted by samantha on Dec 01, 2010

queen of pop..u jst d very best!!! keep ur head up!!!

posted by dharmyl on Nov 26, 2010

The album load is great like hell. You should do more pop albums

posted by kenneth on Nov 25, 2010

okay song

posted by lex lex on Nov 15, 2010

you got a good cd

posted by dj on Nov 09, 2010


posted by zyriamiller on Nov 04, 2010

This song is so gooooooooood

posted by Yo mama on Nov 04, 2010

Piggidy says Rihanna you are the perfect keep moving further.i will love you join the crews to Ghana Accra Independence square Osu when they agree to come and play the show.Kissssssssssssss.......

posted by lovelace Tetteh on Oct 28, 2010

hey riri i love u

posted by fatima fedda on Oct 24, 2010

i really love this song its great to sing to a guy u love

posted by young minaj on Oct 20, 2010


posted by abdul on Oct 19, 2010

I LOVE IT! It'a a bit too colorful and something new for Rihanna but I still like her! <3

posted by gabriella on Oct 15, 2010

i think that they are great but little kids come on here and people are swearing god sake grow up

posted by jessica on Oct 15, 2010


posted by onda on Oct 15, 2010

what the fuck?:)) ii oribila nu`mi place nici freza aia de nas rosu de claun si nici melodia ii oribila videoclipu merge dar pff oribila melodia:|

posted by olivia on Oct 15, 2010

Ohhh my goodd...why is she yelling like that???:| I really don't like it, just the video..

posted by e on Oct 15, 2010

Like it.

posted by Baje on Oct 15, 2010

@none You're right, this song is far from being great.

posted by AristoCat on Oct 14, 2010

hi my name is amy i live in merriwa

posted by amyz on Oct 14, 2010

This is the Rihanna I love! Sweet and beautiful! Perfect video! 5 stars!!!

posted by m7 on Oct 14, 2010

this is just a techno song with rihanna singing over it. the worst rihanna song i have ever heard

posted by none on Oct 14, 2010

i'm not a rihanna fan but, i fuckkkkkkkkkkking luv it

posted by rachhhhel on Oct 14, 2010

this is an absolutely beautiful video...my most favorite Rihanna Video. oh my godddddd!! luv it. shows a woman's inner beauty by freeing themselves, perfectly demonstrated by a simply gorgeous woman by themselves in a desert. :)

posted by chelsea on Oct 14, 2010