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Your Name Here

Release Date :

June 13, 2008 CineVegas IFF

Studio :

Shoreline Entertainment

Director :

Matthew Wilder

Starring :

Bill Pullman, Taryn Manning, Traci Lords, Harold Perrineau

Tells the tale of the Sci-fi author William J. Frick (Bill Pullman) during the last few days of his life. Penniless and living in squalor, Bill Frick is on a mission to finish his latest literary masterpiece. His inspiration is the actress Nikki Principal (Taryn Manning): the object of his obsession. After evading a lengthy visit from an IRS agent (Dave Sheridan), Bill has a sudden stroke and wakes up in a limo with none other than Nikki Principal herself, who informs him that his current literary endeavor is going to change the world. He looks out his window and soon realizes that he has become a God amongst mortals, as murals and statues of him permeate the entire city. The vast majority of people worship him, but some like the nefarious Maurice Kroger (M. Emmet Walsh) want Bill's knowledge and power for their own malicious agenda. Over time Bill realizes that he is now living in a world in which he created, he is living one of his novels.


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