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Jay Sean - 2012 (It Ain't the End)

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I couldn't watch it!coz my phone suckz!but my i thnk it's good!..^_^

posted by mE^_^ on Nov 30, 2010

Jay Seans 2012 is by far the worst song and video he has made soley because he allowed Nicki Minaj in it. She is a horrible rapper and he really dropped the ball on this one. he is going to have to come better than this or he is going to lose a lot of fans!

posted by jc23582 on Aug 18, 2010

if the case does not exist on the system at slough, and had it not be chased up then, did they really think that the kids would simply be forgotten by their mother?

posted by sa on Aug 16, 2010

if there is no conspiracy theory, then why was the case passed from bow court to slough, and slough said they had no record of the case at all. Yet both courts said the transfer was on the system immediately.

posted by sa on Aug 16, 2010

2012, video really complements the song. Best watched on a big screen.

posted by sa on Aug 16, 2010

really good.

posted by sa on Aug 16, 2010