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Emily Osment - Let's Be Friends

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I love the movie cyberbully because it made me cry and that girl can relate to many people I know! She is so mean to you and sometimes I feel like making my life stop but I pick myself up and move on! That movie also made me realise that life isn't about the haters but about you(yourself) so well done and I TOTALLY LOVE Lilly trescot! She is so energetic! Absalutly fabulous! I want to grow up and be like you :)xx

posted by kimm on May 16, 2012

hi i am courtney i love your songs and u are such a good actress one of you movies mad me cry and that was cyberbully and it is so sad i feel so sorry for u in that movie and for all the people that get cyberbullered and it mad me realised that if some one is harrasing u over the internet u so do something about it so that u for making me relise that :)

posted by courtney on Apr 12, 2012