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Eminem - Love the Way You Lie (Feat. Rihanna)

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posted by col on Apr 08, 2013


posted by Eminem on Jun 25, 2012

Great song

posted by Awesome on May 25, 2011

Very good

posted by Gudda on Mar 14, 2011


posted by Eminem on Nov 11, 2010

Such a nice song ... i really love it!!

posted by happ on Nov 01, 2010

I love you slim shady this song was so beautiful I kno rihanna couldn't say no!

posted by playgirl19 on Oct 24, 2010

omg i love the song and love the music video

posted by melissa on Oct 21, 2010

i love eminem music this a good song and a message for abuse reletionship for no guy to put their hands on a girl

posted by Lammylump 111787 on Oct 20, 2010

i love this song it's because this is related to my love life >>.

posted by zhelozo on Oct 20, 2010

It is really good song n nice video

posted by Cool on Oct 13, 2010

so nice!!! g00d jodS

posted by posted by stefy bazi on Oct 13, 2010

My passion 4 emenem is...

posted by Dulla on Oct 12, 2010

perfect i really love this song i hope my relationship come like this to this boy likes me and i don,t know what to do

posted by tamesha on Oct 08, 2010

this song sucks ass

posted by asshole on Oct 07, 2010

ineed your music

posted by TAVANH from laos on Oct 06, 2010

just gonna stand there awesome super voice Rihana and FEAT

posted by lindsey on Oct 03, 2010


posted by AMANDA on Sep 30, 2010

Voce e super gato. Amo suas musicas, parabens. Voce arrebenta. Sou do ceara. BEIJAO!!!

posted by Patricia Marques on Sep 28, 2010

as we say in NZ "Chur Bro" mean as !!!

posted by spinbaldak on Sep 28, 2010

Well d0ne on ur new album nd i reali lv t

posted by Londeka ngubane on Sep 26, 2010

This song irritates me. I can't stand this song. Whenever this song go on air I would change the station. This song is bad influence to society.

posted by islandgirl on Sep 24, 2010


posted by LOVE on Sep 21, 2010


posted by NEEL on Sep 19, 2010

its about dat time Em, u d man! n yea Ri, best collabo 2010.

posted by fedora on Sep 19, 2010

I Love this song:Love the Way You Lie from Rihanna

posted by .* on Sep 19, 2010

the song tells about alot of our lives they done great

posted by tuedai on Sep 17, 2010

EXCELLENT!!!! All the way around...song, lyrics, video, performers....everything.

posted by yayalicious on Sep 16, 2010

I absolutely love the song!!!!!! it's going to be my ring tone forever

posted by fancy face on Sep 11, 2010

Absolutly Love Love this video and song.

posted by K edgecomb on Sep 09, 2010

I love this song,and i'm chinese.I love justin bieber to.

posted by molly on Sep 09, 2010

I love this song! I reminds me of how stupid I was when I was with my ex husband. If you actually listen to th words of the song...it has a lot of truth to the lyrics!

posted by ojosverdes69 on Sep 02, 2010

thats the worst song eva!

posted by sunshine on Aug 30, 2010

super! i love megan fox! i love eminem! i love rihanna! i love the song! i love the vid! i love it! tnks for the upload ;)

posted by gaga.over.gaga on Aug 30, 2010

i love rihana

posted by MP4 on Aug 29, 2010

Hey Guys , it was exellent ! swellllll , i extemrly love Eminem. 4populer people were in video :1.Emin3m 2. Rihanna 3.Megan Fox :x :x 4. actor in lost (charlie role ) and megan fox is realy hottie and attractive & beautiful girl !

posted by Co Arjen on Aug 29, 2010

its awesome!!!!!!!!!!

posted by sona seth on Aug 28, 2010

great song!

posted by mia on Aug 25, 2010

rihanna you are the most amazing singer i have a bunch of songz on my i pod of you!!i can't stand you your so good.and eminem my dad love you every time we go some where he wants to here you that song space bound my hears it all the time she crazy sometimes and funny!!and i love all of your songz the most takin to myself.well BYE!!!!

posted by brissa on Aug 24, 2010


posted by leila on Aug 23, 2010

i luv this song it rocks!

posted by elisa on Aug 21, 2010


posted by god on Aug 20, 2010

Ilove this song!!!!

posted by cosmicstar on Aug 20, 2010

Nice Video:)

posted by Farru on Aug 19, 2010

i love dis video...

posted by kirreaallen on Aug 16, 2010


posted by Gerard on Aug 16, 2010


posted by Adn on Aug 15, 2010

the best or the great song mostly heard

posted by kool girlz on Aug 14, 2010

this id a great song very very cool

posted by anything on Aug 14, 2010

dats ur ass

posted by drake is made of dri on Aug 12, 2010

love the song

posted by suga mama on Aug 11, 2010

this song is so powerful good job....love it

posted by jauelin09 on Aug 09, 2010


posted by blaa on Aug 09, 2010


posted by Solangieg on Aug 07, 2010

I Loveee this songg OMG Awesome Job Rhianna that Yheww did a collaboration with Eminem Mwah Love yheww x

posted by BayBeeMwah_Ox on Aug 07, 2010

It just make me want more! Make a movie of it. About time Fox and RiRi did something together. Love 'em both till death! LOVE THIS VIDEO. Best in the world!!!!

posted by RihannaDaily on Aug 07, 2010

Great video. I'm lovin' it.

posted by New on Aug 06, 2010

the best combination - rihanna with eminem...excellent video, but they could select other man

posted by SK on Aug 06, 2010

I love this song ♥

posted by didi on Aug 06, 2010