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Julianne Hough - Is That So Wrong

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posted by yuggi on Feb 10, 2011

I love this song ! {{Obtain your copy of: Britney Spears: "Hold It Against Me" by downloading it directly from iTunes for just $1.29 !}}

posted by BritneyFan2011 on Jan 15, 2011

WOW Adam out did himself this time. Amazing dance routine... Its award winning... She danced amazing and really felt the music.. If all performers knew how to do this... Play this video... They wear less on MTV please.... dwts is racy but thats on regular TV.....

posted by vitale440 on Dec 22, 2010

She wears less on DWTS. Let this play. It's not distasteful at all.

posted by ctaylor on Dec 22, 2010

Great video, Her dance back ground shows well.

posted by mark cecil on Dec 21, 2010

she is a great dancer and singer theres nothing wrong with this video

posted by simpkiz on Dec 21, 2010

If she and I did a video together,we'd have to move it to MTV or hell pay-per-view. How bout them dirt roads???

posted by Colt Ford on Dec 20, 2010

I mean look Julianne is a petite,very sexual woman. She isnt on there shaking big DD fake tits or something. Its class and beautiful,she is lovely.....

posted by Mike D on Dec 20, 2010

Only thing wrong with this video,is I wish I were in it,LOL.

posted by Mike D on Dec 20, 2010

This video shouldn't be banned from cmt. Other country music artists should try to make videos as good as Julianne Hough's video.

posted by bratton1958 on Dec 20, 2010

I think that video was awesome!!! I dont understand why they are making such a big deal out of it. She is wearing a damn bra and shorts...that is more than what FAITH HILL was wearing in BREATH...I would say a bed sheet is more racy than a bra!!!!

posted by lmcdonald on Dec 20, 2010

Anybody remember "Just Breathe" by Faith Hill. She's not showing anymore than Faith.Faith was covered on a bed with a sheet. Julianne is dancing with a bra and a pair of shorts. Love both songs and videos. Maybe TPTB need to retire from CMT.

posted by Get Real on Dec 20, 2010

She's beautiful and flawless in every physical way possible, and I don't think it should have been banned, but this video seriously had absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics to this song. It looks like she was trying out for the role of Jackie Chan in her bra and underwear. The dancing was ridiculous and over-emphasized. But I don't think it should have been banned.

posted by .... on Dec 20, 2010

I agree with all of the positive comments.

posted by oklahoma on Dec 19, 2010

Sarah Pallin is controlling CMT!

posted by Haha on Dec 19, 2010

CMT you suck! Who is making your decisions for you ... Colorado Springs and Salt Lake City? Come on - what is wrong with this video?

posted by Canada on Dec 19, 2010

I only want to say that I think that Julianne is unbelievably talented. In this video she sings her heart out with emotion and also dances up a storm where she is also unbelievably talented. Have we forgotten Faith Hill's video Breathe? She rolls around in a sheet naked. Or Britany Spears and Christina Aguilara. Really people,let's be consistent. I say great job in displaying 2 talents in one video and it is very effective in getting the emotion across. Great video!

posted by carson510 on Dec 18, 2010

Whats the big deal? Britany Spears has been more exposed than a bra and shorts in a music video that came out about a year or two ago. Julianne has mad talant and I dont see the big deal...

posted by Mommy214 on Dec 18, 2010

She's a beatiful woman and a lovely dancer. Sexy? Sure, but it's a sexy song. This is a great video. Play on.

posted by j rocker on Dec 18, 2010

To me this is nothing worse than a bikini top. We can see much less on other music channels, and even on commercials. She's moving fast so you cna't really focus and (no offense Julia) but it's not like she's super busty where she can barely keep herself covered. Rock on, keep playing. This publicity will be great for her.

posted by NoBigDeal on Dec 18, 2010

Why are they trying to hold her career back? She is multi-talented & deserves the playtime. Maybe it will backfire & she will nave a big hit

posted by bigfan on Dec 18, 2010

What is the big deal. Let's see they have the Victoria Secrets Fashion on TV and the women are in bra with underwear. Time to relax people.

posted by mplescow on Dec 18, 2010

i wasn't a fan of her first song and this one doesn't sound that much better. her talent obviously lies in the dancing arena. as for the video itself, it's a little over the top for me; but i do wish i could dance like that!

posted by tigersass on Dec 18, 2010

i have seen far worse. people she does the same thing in dancing with the stars. at least her bodonka donk is not hanging out. geez, please

posted by grannydebbie55 on Dec 18, 2010

This is so stupid. You have men who sing country music who have girls on beds dancing around in their bra and panties and a big fuss is being made over Julianne's video. She is a beautiful young woman and as a woman I see nothing wrong with this video. Not like she is rolling around in bed with a man.

posted by sherry_bear on Dec 17, 2010

Who knows! Too prudish a Website to play a music video. It cant be any more revealing than "Dancing with the Stars"

posted by wyngatemusicest on Dec 17, 2010

I love this video with the dancing mainly the splits. She has surely bring her music to the next level. GO JULIANNE!

posted by joedtran on Jul 24, 2010

Hot dancing!

posted by ladyone on Jul 24, 2010