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The Goon Teaser

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A clip/trailer of The Goon

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The Goon Poster
The Goon

Release Date :

TBA 2013

Studio :

Dark Horse Entertainment

Director :

Jeff Fowler, Tim Miller

Starring :

Clancy Brown, Paul Giamatti

Follows the adventures of a muscle-bound brawler who claims to be the primary enforcer for a feared mobster. The stories have a paranormal and comedic edge to them and concern ghosts, zombies, mad scientists and "skunk apes."


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dwayne bonello this is terrible animated movie and i will not see it and i will give 1stars!

posted by dwayne bonello on Oct 08, 2012

dwayne bonello this animated movie the goon i will not see it and animation its bad and i will give 1stars

posted by dwayne bonello on May 23, 2012