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Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

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I love Avenged, have since the beginning, and will until way past the end. this video was so touching and it means so much to me. i love the song and can't wait for the new albumn. never gonna be the same again, but The Rev's memory lives on in all of us

posted by a7x4eva on Jul 22, 2010

Someone edit out the ending. Would have liked to have seen the end scene. -wild rock radio-

posted by wildmanb on Jul 20, 2010

I really like this song bc it comes out next week and im just peicing on it unti the album comes out

posted by iluvAv7 on Jul 19, 2010

Reminds me why I love them soo much! RIP REV!! The guys will go on living your dream but will always remember the Nightmare of loosing you.

posted by Avenged7MILF on Jul 19, 2010

the end was The best and Really Touching :) 5 stars for pure art!

posted by Kuokkis on Jul 18, 2010


posted by tmgsa on Jul 18, 2010

Fuckin amazing. The rev will be fuckkn rockin out to this video whereever the he is. <3 Rest in Pieces, Reverend.

posted by sevenfoldforlife on Jul 17, 2010

wtf its just an advertisment shit hole

posted by your mom on Jul 17, 2010

fuck you its just a fucking advert

posted by bob saget on Jul 17, 2010

best music video ever

posted by zarul on Jul 17, 2010

Awesome video, but the last shot scared. A drumset... Dude thats deep!

posted by Matthew on Jul 17, 2010

Awesome video! The end definitely gave me chills :(

posted by avengedfan on Jul 17, 2010

this video player is a fucking joke. wont stop buffering.

posted by JudgmentDay989 on Jul 17, 2010


posted by sdsdsds on Jul 17, 2010

the main point was to make u c the nightmare wich is hard with other bands because they fake thenightmare like alice cooper said show them the nightmare give them the nightmare rip the rev

posted by maggot 7 on Jul 17, 2010

Amazing. Had me smiling throughout the whole thing. These are the kind of videos I truly enjoy -grin-. And wow, the ending gave me chills. Loved it, to say the least.

posted by bandgeek6 on Jul 17, 2010

VERY dissapointed that it is not released in the UK. MTV licencing.. FUCK YOU, its just a fucking video!!

posted by LexSevenfold on Jul 17, 2010

Well put together song & video. The drumset at the end brings back memories. The Rev is proud.

posted by Brady Boots on Jul 17, 2010