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Eminem - Not Afraid

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best ever

posted by Arpan on Nov 12, 2010

Its telling people that are drugs to follow him so you can stop.

posted by Corey on Oct 11, 2010

you are my king

posted by TAVANH from laos on Oct 06, 2010


posted by sp on Sep 28, 2010

I am in love with him .

posted by jq on Sep 27, 2010


posted by adam on Sep 08, 2010

oh man ! this song is out standing . When i heard this song first time i was truly blown away .

posted by Aman on Aug 22, 2010

rocks i luv it!

posted by elisa on Aug 21, 2010


posted by MARANDA on Aug 02, 2010

your eyes are so cute baby n i love u

posted by chante on Jul 27, 2010

he is the only rapper I listen to, he makes me happy. I am sorry he has been in a bad place,his life keeps drowning him. I hope peace is with him. If I could wish, it would be to talk with him. My son saw him in Japan and said it was the best concert ever.

posted by Old hag on Jul 15, 2010

I know all the words

posted by Eminiem on Jul 14, 2010

This fucking video is awsome

posted by Emenim on Jul 14, 2010

hot video and lyrics

posted by not afraid on Jul 09, 2010

The best song I have ever heard! =]

posted by Carlos on Jul 06, 2010

the best song in the world and the best song Eminem has sang

posted by peter on Jun 25, 2010

that is good..

posted by youngjournalist on Jun 25, 2010

i love this song <3

posted by eminem <3 on Jun 18, 2010

This is the best song i ever heard

posted by the king on Jun 18, 2010

Everybody has a weakness

posted by King on Jun 12, 2010

i think its perfect people

posted by just lose it rarar on Jun 09, 2010

really? no one is going to say that this song is just alright? yay yay yay... hes clean now... we know... now prove that theres been any sort of artistic growth as opposed to just saying you're clean...

posted by the truth on Jun 08, 2010


posted by Pach23 on Jun 05, 2010

Dammm! This is going to be up there with his greatest videos.. Best music video of this year.

posted by JAK172 on Jun 05, 2010

Best video in the world

posted by COlio on Jun 05, 2010

i like cock

posted by cock sucker on Jun 05, 2010


posted by Swapz on Jun 05, 2010

geniuse at work love it carnt wait for recovery album.

posted by shady-45 on Jun 05, 2010

it was premiered today at like 8 30 :D

posted by yanis on Jun 05, 2010

This is amazing considering what people generaly expect from Eminem's first singles, I hope this album is as good as the first two singles (not afraid, and won't back down ft.pink) because if it is we have a classic on our hands people

posted by swisha on Jun 05, 2010

wow! HURRY RECOVERY!! :D theres realy uplifting about this song :)

posted by shaady on Jun 05, 2010

Can't. wait for the album

posted by eminem fan on Jun 05, 2010

Yanis "Best 4 mins of my life" kaaaaaaak loooool :P I love this song

posted by AK on Jun 05, 2010

best 4 minutes of my life!!!!

posted by yanis on Jun 05, 2010

This is the best eminem song ever. Eminem is the best rapper in the world

posted by best ever on Jun 05, 2010

Eminem , the song stold my heart , The video takes my breath away ,please stop .I could not hold my tears while watching , you are amazing.It is like a 4 minute movie .Congratulation Super EM .

posted by SHA on Jun 05, 2010