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Kelly Rowland - Commander (Feat. David Guetta)

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Oh please when have you seen Beyonce vogue> I think kelly is finally trying to do her own thing for once

posted by Commander on Jun 21, 2010

it look like Janet Jackson feeback video..

posted by jo on Jun 20, 2010

i agree... this video does have elements of beyonce- sweet dreams... i guess some people think that by copying Queen B.... they'll make it to the top... but i guess they're wrong :)

posted by what the hell on Jun 18, 2010

video is a slight copy of sweet dreams- beyonce she needs to be a bit original and not copy her ex-bandmate -_- <3 beyonce Kelly can suck out

posted by b on Jun 18, 2010

na wa oh...so bcua she wore black and red, shes now a devil worshipper...u guys are so addicted to the devil urself,....why not wait and see first before u conclude...nice video tight concept i do hope she goes way up to tha top cuz she already is

posted by illcity on Jun 16, 2010

sick video. I love this song

posted by mii on Jun 10, 2010

wow great song !

posted by Dave on Jun 10, 2010

I Love HER, she's so Beautifulland talented,this video it's wonderfull!

posted by GirlyDoll on Jun 09, 2010

This video and song is smoking HOT!

posted by Yerac on Jun 08, 2010

go miss kelly! her best solo video yet! kick ass!

posted by whitechocolate on Jun 05, 2010

she cant do it with out the illuminati... now she is part of it... and has made a fierce video!!! sad but love the video!!!

posted by Yep61 on Jun 05, 2010

Awesome stuff, its my summer tune!!!

posted by Nial on Jun 05, 2010

kelly sold her soul to the commander. deg, i guess she gave in and sold her soul for fame. the alter egos,the black white and red. yep, this was her satanic coming out ritual.

posted by jbkbk on Jun 05, 2010

this was so good

posted by electropapi on Jun 05, 2010

kelly!!!!!!!omg wow you work bitch!!!!!!! wheeeeeewwwwww so severe up in here

posted by dasko on Jun 04, 2010

Love it

posted by bebe on Jun 03, 2010

i luv it x

posted by johnsmith on Jun 02, 2010

Lvd it. Just a sliiiight 1% reminds me of sasha sweet dream. B'hey it will rock!!

posted by Tisso on Jun 02, 2010


posted by Alex on Jun 02, 2010

I loved it. Work it MS. KELLY

posted by Virgolibra22 on Jun 02, 2010

You Go Kelly, WORK WORK

posted by Peace 99 on Jun 02, 2010

Yo Kellly's BODY is SICK

posted by Dereck on Jun 02, 2010

lol the video was great! i really thought she had superpowers in this video! rock on Kelly!

posted by jlove on Jun 02, 2010

Love the song but the video is soooo boring... it could have been so much better. I hope it doesn't kill this songs momentum.

posted by dust on Jun 02, 2010

U better let them know Kelly who is the COMMADER and CHIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by NYC on Jun 02, 2010