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Trey Songz - Yo Side of the Bed

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Saw this for the first time on monday 06/01/2014 and must say I cried for houres I'm only 17 and can I say this really touched my HeaRt

posted by trEyLoveR on Jan 08, 2014

I love dis song i almost cried

posted by Liza on Dec 19, 2012

best song i ever had.i shade tears

posted by owen51 on Apr 04, 2011

wen ii first hurd dhiz sonnng and seen dha video iitt madee mee cry !!!!!!! ooommmgggg i freakeeennn Looovvveeee yuhhh treeeyyy !!! cummm 2 virgina beach again !!!!

posted by CulLiisssaa 4rm VA ! on Feb 11, 2011

i love this song it makes me cry!

posted by baddest bitch alive on Jan 13, 2011

Love dis song bt it made me cry !!!

posted by Shayna Swagga on Dec 17, 2010

its lame kmsl i lie its da bomb

posted by bootymeat on Aug 23, 2010

This was a wonderful spin for a beautiful song!! I love it! I just got back from Iraq yesterday, and I love that you made this video.

posted by Lady Soldier on Jun 05, 2010

you is so sexy to me

posted by audrey on Jun 04, 2010


posted by NAYOSHA on May 28, 2010

OMG DiiS ViiDeO iiZ ODee POPPiiN..i LOVee DiiS SONG & MOSTLy iLOVee HiiM!! iMMA WATCH DiiS ViiDeO eVeRyDAy!!

posted by MATiiANEVERSON on May 27, 2010

it was good love the video but not the whole video

posted by unknown on May 27, 2010