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Travis McCoy - Billionaire (Feat. Bruno Mars)

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don't listen to them they r just jealous i think you guys r the best and the song give lots of courage to people so hey to all of you who is saying mean staf about these people that you have no right to go on the computer and say these staf to others so respect them and your self bye

posted by shaye marsters on Sep 16, 2010

this song SUCKS aSS!!! and Justin Bieber Sucks ASS ALSO!!! ALL YA FUCKERS can FUCK yo SELVES!!! Fuckn whit3TrAsH!!

posted by Fuck The System! on Aug 30, 2010

naaa that was not hot coz travis mccoy was doing it solo with out the gym class hero's

posted by me on Aug 13, 2010

this video is too hot coz every want to be a billioniare

posted by c.m on Aug 13, 2010

love this video so mch its was so cool

posted by rx on Jul 31, 2010

Dat song rocks

posted by Lil hun on Jul 25, 2010

i like this

posted by niceloil on Jul 25, 2010

Me and my sister love this song so much.

posted by keana2018 on Jul 22, 2010


posted by lauryn1234567890 on Jul 18, 2010

Can you stop cuseing

posted by lauryn1234567890 on Jul 18, 2010

YOur song are AWESOME Travis MCcoy would u marry me please you rock

posted by lauryn1234567890 on Jul 18, 2010


posted by CraziiAboutBieber on Jul 17, 2010

Great music, great message.

posted by mom on Jul 15, 2010

I wanna hear this song again so freaking bad because it was so good and it true! You better believe it!

posted by ashiaribribri on Jul 13, 2010


posted by ....... on Jul 08, 2010

Thats my JAM :P

posted by hey hey on Jul 06, 2010

i Love this

posted by JLo on Jul 02, 2010

Not only is this a great sounding song but it's so fu** true

posted by Dr. Green Thumb on Jul 01, 2010

I love this video

posted by jonathan on Jul 01, 2010

i love this song so freakin' bad

posted by kaiya sparks on Jun 27, 2010


posted by dick_vs_pussy on Jun 24, 2010

people that dont like this song are haters they hear stupid shit

posted by jonthan on Jun 22, 2010

this video is tight

posted by mizike on Jun 22, 2010

dats mah ringin tone.i love it.one love

posted by tsi2 on Jun 18, 2010

Just love dis song its da best

posted by Hot baby on Jun 17, 2010

Thanks for all the Support and Buy My New solo album Lazarus,featuring Cee-Lo, T-Pain, Bruno Mars and Travis Barker. Thanks again for All The Support Check My Twitter Out For Updates.

posted by Travis McCoy on Jun 09, 2010

OMFG Travis Mccoy is so freaking sexy.He looks like a billionbucks. Lmfao. Anyways the song is Amazing and I just love it. && him

posted by Mrs.Mccoy on Jun 09, 2010

was great

posted by travis on Jun 07, 2010

I love it

posted by Tanner on Jun 04, 2010


posted by TE TE on Jun 02, 2010

This is a really dope song and the Hook is a MONSTER it makes the song even better

posted by Heathen on May 30, 2010

don't be haters- this song is the BOMB!

posted by Samii Sam on May 29, 2010

pretty good.

posted by 5 on May 28, 2010

i've heard better

posted by meh on May 26, 2010

How can I download this song guys?

posted by Mcnoble on May 26, 2010

Greatest song ive ever haerd

posted by X-Man74 on May 25, 2010

i luv this song..one of my favs=)

posted by fan on May 25, 2010

I love it!(:

posted by hooperrr on May 24, 2010

Isiah love this song because it speak of been rich in a generous way & it also have a wonderful melody.

posted by Isiah360 on May 19, 2010

this is song is so cylpt! luv it

posted by =P on May 13, 2010

diz song iz da bomb

posted by brunomars iz a cutie on May 11, 2010

i love this song

posted by brunomars iz a cutie on May 11, 2010


posted by angieisSh0T on May 11, 2010


posted by sidsom on May 10, 2010

love it

posted by me on May 09, 2010

i love this song..i listened to it for the first time yesterday

posted by keni234 on May 09, 2010

ooommmmggg that blonde guy is sooo hot!

posted by glamgurlll on May 08, 2010

this is awsome

posted by jman on May 07, 2010

good stuff

posted by kealii on May 06, 2010