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Sade - Babyfather

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SADE is the most beautiful woman on earth to me !!! loved her since 1985 and haven't stopped her voice is from the heavens above

posted by mike n on Oct 11, 2013

SHE IS SOFISTICATED!!!!!!!wonderful woman!

posted by marco on Aug 05, 2010

beautiful music by a beautful woman.thank you sade,for coming back on the music scene.

posted by hamptonstuart on Jul 30, 2010

i love it

posted by krissy on Jun 21, 2010

The boy at the end with his father really pull the entire story together. The cinematography and lighting on this video are beautiful.

posted by jljones23 on May 05, 2010

She just put Beyonce to shame!

posted by lildiva4u on May 05, 2010

absolutely amazing

posted by prince on May 05, 2010

This woman's voice is awesome, she is truly amazing, I thank God he made this beautifully talented woman, had to play repeated. I;m telling all my friends and family about this song about a father's love. Te

posted by Cynthia on May 05, 2010

...let this be a lesson to some of you young ladies out there: You CAN be beautiful and sexy... while keeping ALL your clothes on...Thanks Miss Adu for proving that point.

posted by Mister on May 05, 2010

wow, wow, and wow!! Could we have asked for anything better??? Sade is AMAZING! I grew up listening to her and I'm so happy Sade is back and Sade surely delivered! And yes 'lildiva4u' she just put Beyonce to shame!

posted by annie on May 05, 2010

the video es excellent i liked.

posted by this is amazing wao on May 04, 2010

That was COOTE!!! (cute)

posted by kevbon27 on May 04, 2010

OMG, Sade is AMAZING!!! I love this video ;)

posted by Kellz22 on May 04, 2010

BEAUTIFUL video. Concept is AMAZING!!

posted by Hesobreezy on May 04, 2010