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Booker's Place: A Mississippi Story Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Booker's Place: A Mississippi Story

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Booker's Place: A Mississippi Story Poster
Booker's Place: A Mississippi Story

Release Date :

April 25, 2012 Limited

Studio :

Tribeca Films

Director :

Raymond De Felitta

Starring :

Frank De Felitta, Hodding Carter III, Yvette Johnson, Leroy Jones

The changing times in Mississippi that featured Booker Wright - an African-American waiter who worked in a "whites only" restaurant. Booker went on national television and exploded the myth of who he was and his position serving the white community. 46 years later, Frank's son, director Raymond De Felitta (CITY ISLAND, TWO FAMILY HOUSE), documents a journey into the past and current-day Mississippi with Booker's granddaughter, in search of who Booker Wright was, the intricacies surrounding his courageous life and untimely murder, and the role Frank De Felitta's documentary may have played in it.


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I want to see this show so bad it should be 5 stars!!! i freken love this show!!

posted by BR33 on Jun 05, 2010

I know who A is i know all about her and I know that she is super close to one of the girls watch out cuz it's suprising. for all of you skeptics i did read the books and i know it all

posted by A on Apr 24, 2010