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The Secret in Their Eyes Clip '3 Stooges'

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A clip/trailer of The Secret in Their Eyes

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The Secret in Their Eyes Poster
The Secret in Their Eyes

Release Date :

April 16, 2010 Limited

Studio :

Sony Pictures Classics

Director :

Juan Jose Campanella

Starring :

Ricardo Darin, Soledad Villamil, Pablo Rago, Javier Godino

With "The Secret in Their Eyes", Argentinean writer-director-editor Juan Jose Campanella has created a multi-layered and poignant thriller interweaving the personal lives of a state prosecution investigator and a judge, with a manhunt spanning twenty-five years. Recently retired criminal court investigator Benjamin (Ricardo Darin), decides to write a novel based on a twenty-five year old unresolved rape and murder case, which still haunts him. Sharing his plans with Irene (Soledad Villamil), the beautiful judge and former colleague he has secretly been in love with for years, Benjamin's initial involvement with the case is shown through flashbacks, as he sets out to identify the murderer. But Benjamin's search for the truth will put him at the center of a judicial nightmare, as the mystery of the heinous crime continues to unfold in the present, testing the limits of a man seeking justice and personal fulfillment at last.


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