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Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack (Feat. Sean Garrett)

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disz wasz duh sh.t ; she wasz killinq iht . . ! very creative '&&d wild.

posted by nae-nae on Oct 25, 2010

booty!!!!!!! dat was bull shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nicki minaj fuckin sucks on cock

posted by big billy madness on Oct 20, 2010

it was iight nicki my gurl jus i think its supid 4 her 2 call herself barbie

posted by monie on Oct 20, 2010

Ilove you I wish to see u

posted by jah chady keke on Oct 20, 2010

stop hateing on nicki let her live her life an stop riding her dick before she nutt on you hoes lol

posted by lol on Oct 20, 2010

She is so awesome

posted by ha ha ha on Oct 05, 2010


posted by THA FUKIN BEST on Sep 21, 2010

nicki minaj this video was so good I mean IT was SOooo! goood my eyes berst out when I saw it. but it was fly i mean fly you got to call my number cuz its 770-485-3247.

posted by lexi on May 29, 2010

it's hot man

posted by jboy5105296080 on Apr 25, 2010

I swear to fuckin god Im obssed with nicki I would do anythng to dat woman

posted by jboy5105296080 on Apr 24, 2010

Nicki Minaj this vid is so fuckin hard and i hope it make it on 106&park cuz you go hard in this vid... When you had that green hair and you in the junjle that was a attake in mii pants.. LMFAO. but ntways nicki you need to holla at me cuz i love you gyrl.

posted by Your Biggest Fan on Apr 12, 2010

Haters can hate for all I care

posted by Tay Tay on Apr 10, 2010

nicki is so fine with big ass tities anda fat ass

posted by kj223 on Apr 07, 2010

she is so hot

posted by kj223 on Apr 07, 2010

i frikkin love dis vid.......... it's hot

posted by namdi98 on Apr 06, 2010

omg ur like my role model don't listen to people who say mean stuff to you just remember your awsome And because of you i continue to live life and oh that video was awsome and i did'nt kno u culd wine anyways ur awsome and i love you

posted by sasha on Apr 03, 2010

u suck u need to stop it for somebody hurt u

posted by tatyana on Apr 02, 2010

i thought the video was cute but i would expect more from the "infamous" nicki minaj.

posted by DrizZysWiF3y on Apr 02, 2010

really nicki u can do better dats all im sayin but other than den dat i geuss it was okay

posted by Lady Luv gangsta on Apr 01, 2010

nicki killed this video

posted by hifgfashion20 on Apr 01, 2010