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Charice - Pyramid (Feat. Iyaz)

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Charice is AMAZING ! <3

posted by BearBear_Luna on Nov 01, 2011

Excellent. :DDDD!

posted by ILaLaLoveYou16 on Nov 01, 2011

it's cool~ luv it a lot

posted by sadf on Jul 30, 2011

Looking forward to your new single and album. Can't wait to watch your next and succeeding appearance in Glee. More power to you and continue loving your Mom unconditionally. She is the key to your success.

posted by miss_wayside on Apr 14, 2011

ang panget subra boring bisaya cia tlaga

posted by damn on Oct 05, 2010

fcuk selena gomez,demi.....charice has da voice

posted by danefrodo on Oct 01, 2010

nice song.....luv u charice

posted by MaristKido on Oct 01, 2010


posted by JECA on Jul 03, 2010

very powerful!!!

posted by jm on Jun 20, 2010

i love it .entertaining wow!!!

posted by junx on Jun 10, 2010

so wonderful, what a voice!!

posted by edgar on May 29, 2010

she is so talented ans she have a beutifull voice

posted by urangoo on May 22, 2010

at the top baby.......go charice

posted by linda on May 21, 2010

Many difference when she's here in Philippines but now You are STAR Charice and your voice is amazing!You ROCK!

posted by Just shan on Apr 25, 2010

i love this song and Charice and Iyaz awesome singer!

posted by withlove on Apr 18, 2010

i really like this song hahahh its really good:)

posted by cool:) ashley! on Apr 17, 2010

simple but awesome.... its hot

posted by josh on Apr 13, 2010

this is excellent video from the phenomenom singing sensation

posted by rodel on Apr 13, 2010

This is not the official video. But both videos are hot!!!

posted by ammb46 on Apr 13, 2010


posted by sachin on Apr 13, 2010

Love her voice. She can sing just about anything, and she never seizes to amaze me.

posted by Jenn7 on Apr 13, 2010

i have to add this gurl into one of my fave list singer cause she is unbelievable. cool vid!

posted by austinNJ on Apr 13, 2010

She is great!

posted by EBoling on Apr 13, 2010

This song sounds very cool because its being sang by 2 talented real singer Iyaz and CHARICE!!!! charice im ur new fan!

posted by kowloon on Apr 13, 2010


posted by tridentrn on Apr 13, 2010


posted by kram on Mar 28, 2010

great song! charice rocks!!

posted by tw2007 on Mar 23, 2010