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Paramore - The Only Exception

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posted by RIFKI on Oct 21, 2011

i really love this sonq cuz it remmindes mehh of all thee things i've been through throughout the years... but i cant watch the video on by phone and i am getting madd

posted by ilyandysixx! on May 30, 2010

you are the best rockkkkk

posted by mei on Apr 16, 2010

Awesome song, awesome video!!!

posted by Lisa on Mar 08, 2010

That is adorable and I love it. So cute :)

posted by Beaa on Mar 02, 2010

lov it !!!! :D

posted by Gemma Lambert on Feb 27, 2010

woah josh is playing gretch not truth

posted by supersmashfm on Feb 25, 2010

love them.it was better than i expected.:)

posted by aneta on Feb 18, 2010

This was such a BEAUTIFUL video!! ;w; It made me cry,because it was so sweet! The song was already perfect, and now, it is another masterpiece of Paramore <333 Proud to be a big fan!!

posted by Lilystar1 on Feb 18, 2010

@Lauren yeh same it wont let me!!! :(

posted by Gaby on Feb 18, 2010

I love it!!!!! And I really love the song. Hayley you rock xP

posted by Evanescencelikeyou on Feb 17, 2010

it wont let me play the video! can anyone help?

posted by Lauren on Feb 17, 2010


posted by adri on Feb 17, 2010

um i saw the video yesterday and now it wont work! can anyone help?

posted by xxMandMelinexx on Feb 17, 2010

its not playing the damn video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =[

posted by grrrrr! on Feb 17, 2010

wont let me play the video:(

posted by complicated!?!? on Feb 17, 2010

Sooo... I can't watch it... Why is this...?

posted by Nick on Feb 17, 2010

this was excellent. and my card was in it too <3

posted by AmyyVee on Feb 17, 2010