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Stolen Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Stolen

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Stolen Poster

Release Date :

March 12, 2010 Limited

Studio :

IFC Films

Director :

Anders Anderson

Starring :

Jon Hamm, Josh Lucas, Rhona Mitra, James Van Der Beek

Work has become an obsession for Detective Tom Adkins (Jon Hamm) since the disappearance of his ten-year-old son, Tommy Jr. When an early morning phone call leads him to the mangled remains of a young boy who was brutally murdered 50 years ago, Adkins takes on the case in hopes of finding absolution. His investigation leads him to a man who lived in 1958 named Matthew Wakefield (Josh Lucas) and his innocent son, John. The striking similarities in the cases pushes Adkins' obsession over the top. Barely holding onto his sanity and bound by redemption, Adkins unravels the unspeakable truth behind what happened to his son.


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