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Jason Derulo - In My Head

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posted by JUSTINBIEBERVEVO on Oct 03, 2010

lol Thanks so much I love you too

posted by JasonDeruloVevo on Oct 03, 2010

nice song!

posted by chel on Aug 05, 2010

you ROCK my mum loves ya my sister loves ya and i love YA this soong is the bomb i hope to meet you it is my dream you write the best songs and when i get older i wish to sing to i sing at school (i am 12) and someday i wish to be like you writing songs from the heart thankz for giving me the confidence to sing :-)

posted by Tiarne Loves YA on Jul 21, 2010

iluvthis song dudes !! huhu

posted by aLiya on Jul 18, 2010

hello...mr.jason derulo.!!! i really love your songs.!!! especially whatcha say song..i wish you will have your concert here in the PHILIPPINES...tnx.! godbless

posted by sheena on May 30, 2010

hi jason derulo i love your songs by the way its justine

posted by lol :) on May 17, 2010

Luv ur music n ur dancin.

posted by Sherrie on Apr 28, 2010

i want your cd

posted by miah on Apr 26, 2010

very excellent/.

posted by sean on Apr 25, 2010

i love this song

posted by tommy rodriguez on Apr 22, 2010

Justin bieber I love u i wish I could see u in person Call me (1310)381-9748

posted by Priscilla on Apr 08, 2010

I love you JDeRulo I so wanna do it wit you if I had the chance so much hahahaahahahahaha!!!!! love you.

posted by Kayla on Apr 06, 2010

Hey i love ur song watt u say u rock

posted by #1fan1# on Apr 05, 2010

i love this song

posted by 00courtney00 on Mar 27, 2010

@wtf.is.this yo jd is awsome and this song rox so chill out dude

posted by ddippy on Mar 24, 2010

This song is so stupid! Its about how he cheated on her and how he thinks she should take him back! Its so dumb!

posted by wtf.is.this? on Mar 16, 2010

he dead gd singer i love him id do it with him if i had the chance lol xx

posted by jade lawton on Mar 09, 2010

In My Head :)

posted by Mikee on Mar 02, 2010

I love this song soooooo much!I listen to it over, and over again!It is always stuck in my head!!!

posted by haha! on Feb 27, 2010

amazing stuff!what a beatiful song.luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by one on Feb 18, 2010

i looove this song

posted by jessica on Jan 22, 2010