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Adam Lambert - Whataya Want from Me

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Amazing artist! So glad he's nominated for a Grammy Award.

posted by Milyana on Dec 10, 2010

yuo`re best artist.I love you :x

posted by BBQ on Oct 29, 2010

hello alana 17 boy and fined

posted by alana on Aug 08, 2010


posted by alana on Aug 08, 2010

There arent enough stars! i love this song and the videa is awesome! adam is a natural born entertainer and super hot! keep rockin it!!!

posted by MandaPanda1981 on Jul 01, 2010

انه جيد ولكن ليس جميل كا وجه

posted by NoNo on Jun 29, 2010


posted by 50265658 on May 21, 2010

BEAUTIFUL! lyrically and musically! His voice fits it perfect!! Superb!! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!

posted by annabones on May 13, 2010

Adam Lambert is natural born entertainer. He mesmerizes me every time I watch or listen to him. This is what he was created to do. The title of his CD says it all!

posted by MomTerryLady on May 13, 2010

Bitch i knoo you ant tlakinqq to mee you fuckinn hoee !!!!!

posted by babyblue110 on May 10, 2010

fuck off

posted by ravi on May 07, 2010

i love you kiss god bless

posted by babyblue110 on May 06, 2010

this song..makes me cry sometimes..

posted by i♥adam on May 03, 2010

i don't like you

posted by miah on Apr 26, 2010

omg so lovely love you adam

posted by adam 4 ever on Apr 11, 2010

very gOod , the best video & song :X:X good luck adam >:D<

posted by ....!! on Mar 31, 2010

Great Song. Should be being played more frequently in smaller markets (good rotation in bigger more urban markets now finally). Will chart better if radio station programmers and music directors get with it and start playing it more. They are losing listeners to cd's, iPods, etc. constantly and continuously and they don't seem to be reacting to that reality. Oh well, their loss (revenue wise and otherwise).

posted by LBM on Mar 27, 2010

Best song out there ....

posted by Jason on Mar 25, 2010

you is so sexy in l love your videos from kiara

posted by ask on Mar 22, 2010

adam lambert u r so hot!

posted by errrrrrrr on Feb 17, 2010

the coment that i just wrote that was so funny i hope my sister Tyrie doesn't kill me jk

posted by hi on Feb 17, 2010

Hi Adam I like to cut my self Jk so how have you been your so hot like totally I love you lov Tyrie r.

posted by 666 from devel on Feb 17, 2010

adam i love you but you got to stop wereing to much makup you look better without it

posted by adam is hot on Feb 17, 2010

hey adam i love your song so much will you merry me

posted by $$$$$ on Feb 17, 2010

adam lambert i love your song but u scream to much ps I love u by hira

posted by :) on Feb 17, 2010

i love him he is so cute and that is my favorite song, he is just so awesome

posted by megz on Feb 15, 2010

Adam could sing the phone book and sound great! This video is awesome.

posted by joan on Feb 11, 2010

Damn Your So Handsome! Haha ;) All I Can Say Is Your Sexy!

posted by yOuR FaN on Feb 11, 2010

I Love You Adam! Haha Love Yewr Videos And Your Talent. :) Keep It Up! :D

posted by :) Yewr Fan! on Feb 11, 2010


posted by adam #1 fan on Feb 06, 2010

Great voice!Great video!

posted by Adamthebest on Jan 19, 2010

I lovee you,Adam.This clip is great !!!

posted by LoveAdam on Jan 19, 2010

all I can say is WOW! the gaze at the end takes my breath away every time I see it. I love him so much - ADAM KEEP ON ROCKIN !!

posted by music again on Jan 17, 2010

the best video i've ever seen in my life!

posted by jojo on Jan 17, 2010

This is such a fabulous video--touching and REAL!

posted by bluefox on Jan 16, 2010

Adam Lambert ROCKS!!! What I want from you is... being just the way you are. you such a great man!! love ya.

posted by kj on Jan 16, 2010


posted by Yess on Jan 15, 2010

OMG tell me this guy doesnt look like Elvis...hes BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great song

posted by el on Jan 15, 2010

Wow- just saw this on VH1 and had to find it again! Pink wrote a great song and Adam sings it great!

posted by Ocracoke on Jan 15, 2010

Adam is a beautiful and brilliant singer and his performance is always spot-on. Love him.

posted by Jess on Jan 15, 2010

He takes my breath away. Seriously, he is such an amazing man. He has acting chops as well...someone please hire Adam for a part in a movie!

posted by Kate on Jan 15, 2010

your brilliant adam!!

posted by Wendy on Jan 15, 2010

WOW!! Adam ia sooo F.ing BEUTIFUL. My jaws droped watching this. Do sensetive. I hope Adam will get the same amount of praises like any DESERVING BRILLIANT artist!! He is SURE up there with the BEST musicians of today. His VOCAL is dremendouse. I see an INCREDIBLE future for him. Adam change the way I look at music and his music makes me feel great! AMAZING VIDEO!!! PLEASE BUY IT ON ITUNE>

posted by sheba on Jan 15, 2010

Adam,U rock!U are so handsome,brilliant, iconic and a great entertainer.

posted by LoveU on Jan 15, 2010

I guess this was an accidentally on purpose "leak" Love the song and video. Any with Adam shown throughout is great in my book!

posted by ozzysister on Jan 15, 2010

Well done Adam! What a great talent you are and you are just beautiful!

posted by Fuel on Jan 15, 2010