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Kill Theory Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Kill Theory

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Kill Theory Poster
Kill Theory

Release Date :

January 29, 2010 AfterDark Horrorfest

Studio :

After Dark Films

Director :

Chris Moore

Starring :

Agnes Bruckner, Patrick Flueger, Teddy Dunn, Ryanne Duzich

Are you capable of the unthinkable? That's the question seven college students face when they visit a secluded vacation home to celebrate graduation and are put to a horrific test by a mysterious killer. By 6 am the following morning, only one of them can remain alive. Whoever that person is will be allowed to walk away with his or her life.

However, if morning comes and more than one is still breathing, everyone dies. Trapped in a deadly game, they're forced to kill one another in order to survive. Friends and couples must test their trust, and as the clock ticks away: alliances form, tension escalates, and hope begins to fade. Some will fight for love, some to survive, but all will change. Because deep down... we're all killers.


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