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Nick Jonas & The Administration - Who I Am

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Hmm...... Nothing

posted by Sadhu on Nov 26, 2010

I really like the jonas brothers but the one with the cutets voice is Nick and i think he is soo cute...

posted by roxy on Feb 21, 2010

video is very cute and sweet truth video is very sentimental and I like the truth should not discriminate anyone is a very, very nice video and really support you nick

posted by evelin vega on Feb 02, 2010

And Nick I Love you 4 who you are soo pleas don't change you!!!!!And don't let your brothers down by splitting up!!!LOVE YOU....

posted by Mrs.G.Jonas...... on Jan 30, 2010

I think it's a EXECELLENT song and and it brings out soooo many tings like don't juge peaple by there look or something.......Good job honey(Nick)Love you from the inside+outside........(p.s. and your still sooo damn HOT)

posted by Mrs.G.Jonas........ on Jan 30, 2010

i think that Nick really means wat he says in the lyrics and there comming out from his heart well he did a GREAT job and the vid is beyond description AMAZING

posted by Joudi on Jan 18, 2010

wow!its so cool special tha line when you say for who i am

posted by rashika on Jan 14, 2010


posted by JoeJonasLover on Jan 11, 2010

Fantastic video :) sending out a great message! Well done Nick! :D

posted by Nikiwe on Jan 06, 2010

Damm, that was really good!

posted by Ugottawantit on Jan 04, 2010

Nick Jonas has a great voice and great meaning for his lyrics! GREAT JOB NICK!

posted by samantha.b1996 on Jan 04, 2010

i think you sing BAD!!! nick jonas

posted by priscilla on Jan 04, 2010