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Rihanna - Hard (Feat. Jeezy)

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rihanna you have the best body in the game...you are so cute!

posted by popdiva on Jun 04, 2010

o video e nice

posted by nilv on Mar 21, 2010


posted by Syhana on Feb 19, 2010

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rihannaq thi song rocks and rated r is an wonderful album just love her.

posted by goth diva on Feb 06, 2010

i love diz song cuzz im so hard can't nobody beat me dats 4 show

posted by lashay on Feb 05, 2010

ugh rhianna is not even hard to be in thiss video well damN britt ahhaahaah byeeee . (:

posted by britt b a d d * on Jan 27, 2010

did that hat have mouse ears??!!

posted by ??????? on Jan 23, 2010

Rihanna you are an amazing singer and all your songs are fantastic! Love you xx

posted by Hayley on Jan 22, 2010

love it

posted by nana15 on Jan 21, 2010

Rihanna you are fantastic and me how much one big fans of yours are, I have seen all of your video, your photos and other things.me if I see you it comes me a heart attack, but now beginnings not to like me more because the photos of you naked, your way to dress, seems an emo.But I know that you are not indeed so porca with everybody, but you are a girl beautiful and sweet comlicata, but you are now losing yourself...hi hi I love forever you.

posted by Alfonso on Jan 11, 2010

you are really diva

posted by jonida albania on Dec 21, 2009