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Pete Smalls Is Dead Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Pete Smalls Is Dead

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Pete Smalls Is Dead Poster
Pete Smalls Is Dead

Release Date :

November 11, 2011 Limited

Studio :

W2 Media

Director :

Alexandre Rockwell

Starring :

Peter Dinklage, Tim Roth, Seymour Cassell, Mark Boone Junior

KC (Peter Dinklage), a former screenwriter turned downtrodden East Coast Laundromat owner, finds himself back in Los Angeles when his dog Buddha is kidnapped by loan sharks. KC reaches out to his friend Jack (Mark Boone Junior), who promises to front the $10,000 "dog ransom if KC comes to L.A. to attend the funeral of their late friend Pete Smalls (Tim Roth), a famous Hollywood director. Once in California, KC quickly surmises that something is rotten in the city of dreams-and it might not be Pete's corpse (which is nowhere to be found). Same goes for the $10 grand Jack promised him, which leads the two buddies trying to "cash in" on the rights to Pete Small's current, momentarily unfinished film. Strange situations and crazy characters abound as KC & Jack carry out their misadventures. From dealings with idiot producers (Steve Buscemi, Michael Lerner) and the Armenian mob (headed by Seymour Cassel), to romancing with a beautiful French editor (Theresa Wayman) and conducting a lab heist-in pizza-delivery panda costumes. KC faces these obstacles and more, hoping to retrieve his beloved canine, all while coming to terms with the death of Smalls-who screwed him in a business deal, and still considers him his best friend.


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