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Demi Lovato - Remember December

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i reall like thisss

posted by abegail on Apr 27, 2011

love this s0ng... :)

posted by akmar lovato on Apr 14, 2011

I loveeee u demi.You r ma #1 fan..REMEMBER DECEMBER!!super cooooool..CAMP ROCK,is still ma fave film..ya the best

posted by Tia on Nov 11, 2010

Then why r u watching this video!!!First think and then comment!!!

posted by Demi#1 Fan forever!! on Jul 26, 2010

Demi love u forever!!!God bless u!!!!!!

posted by Demi#1 Fan forever!! on Jul 26, 2010

i just hate this video u know what happened to this video it stinks like a dead rat

posted by selena gomez on Jul 11, 2010

i love your songs. and i love u . your the most sweet girl in the whole world.

posted by molly on Jul 01, 2010

Hey DEMI!!!!!!!!!I'm ur no.1 fan.I want to meet u1Please do ur concert in Pakistan.Lahore LUV U!!!!!!!!!:D

posted by Tayyaba on Jun 09, 2010

cantas jenial wapisoma bss desde españa eres la mejor tqm suerte con tus dicos :) **

posted by carolina* on Jun 02, 2010

eso es cierto carolina demi canats usper ,I love remember december super

posted by bella on Jun 02, 2010

wow i love this song it was the frist on i learned on her new cd i know all the songs1# camp rockfan still my fav movie

posted by 123nessa12 on Apr 28, 2010

demi lovato succes yaa,,,,,,,, god bless u ?????????????????

posted by beby on Mar 12, 2010

se los recomiendo al video rennen december de demi lovato desde argentina es l+

posted by cyntia on Dec 05, 2009


posted by LOA on Dec 04, 2009

your songs so coolz!!! add me on myspace in myname!!,..

posted by femi jovato on Dec 01, 2009

demi lovato i really like you cuz your songs and voice very unic!!!!!!! -femi jovato-

posted by femi jovato on Dec 01, 2009

Demi lovato is the best teen singer as of now she has them all beat.

posted by brewen on Nov 19, 2009

I juz Love Demi,Sellena n Miley...n im lvin this songs itz awsome..

posted by SMB on Nov 17, 2009

very empowering...pretty neat :)

posted by diva45 on Nov 17, 2009

wow its a very awsome video u rock Demi,by the way i love this song

posted by itzy on Nov 16, 2009

Demi you rock girl

posted by anna on Nov 14, 2009

el mejor video de demi lovato es la mejor vamos dl

posted by carla on Nov 13, 2009