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Taylor Swift - Fifteen

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posted by ani on Nov 11, 2011

I love this song ! {{Obtain your copy of: Britney Spears: "Hold It Against Me" by downloading it directly from iTunes for just $1.29 !}}

posted by BritneyFan2011 on Jan 15, 2011

I luv this song veryveryvery much

posted by sima on Sep 15, 2010

This is my favorite song she wrote.It is about a girl who is fifteen.

posted by Kitten on Sep 06, 2010

i like this song & u very much

posted by swift on Aug 30, 2010

I haet this video!!!!!Its disgusting!!!!!!

posted by dan on Jul 15, 2010

Its very good!!!!!!!

posted by miki on Jul 15, 2010

taylor im in luv w/ u will u marry me

posted by ron_zac22REJOSO on May 02, 2010


posted by ankiit on Apr 08, 2010

itz kinda nice

posted by abu on Apr 02, 2010

i really love this video..

posted by Bobby on Mar 12, 2010

i love this video....

posted by Amit on Feb 18, 2010

i cry everytime i see this video clip. i think when i dont cry i know i've forgotten about the troubles of being a teenager

posted by madelainebutler on Feb 13, 2010


posted by YTAL on Feb 08, 2010

i love it its remind me of my self love u<3

posted by lilmeme on Feb 08, 2010


posted by vik on Feb 02, 2010

this song is very beautiful i like it

posted by white horse on Jan 27, 2010

U'll alwz b my favourit teylor,ur songs is jst awsm.Gd luck.

posted by banshan on Jan 08, 2010

I love you sooo much I'm not kidding girl I'm one of you favorite fans<3!!!!! I love this song because when my sister was fiften mysister cried because she got dummped:(but she's fine now:)

posted by Julie<3 on Dec 30, 2009

i love this song it reminds me of when i was 15 teen and all of the things i went threw good and bad i am 29 now after listening to this i look back and wish i could do it all over again i needed this song 12 years ago.

posted by ivy on Dec 23, 2009

aaaaaaa i loved your new song its the best agan i loved it

posted by kaitlyn on Dec 19, 2009

i love you taylor swift you are my idol send me at this address if you can316 linwood r.d gastonia nc i am poor and i want a cd please send me one........

posted by Rachel on Dec 18, 2009

i really love the song.. it shows what reall in the middle school likes..

posted by yhang on Nov 11, 2009

This has happened to me.But he realized what he lost at the time,and knows he really was in love,Been together sense i was 13,and im now 17.Its been greattt:)[ilove this song.]

posted by BriLee on Nov 05, 2009

this song is awesome now i know what its gonna be like im only in grade 6

posted by taylorswiftfan0009 on Oct 22, 2009

I know the feeling.. I mean, I didn't give EVERYTHING to the guy, but.. I know the feeling so darn well. Love this song so much.

posted by baby03 on Oct 22, 2009

The girl and the end is Barbara Mandrell niece ...Irlene's daughter

posted by Proud on Oct 19, 2009

I cried i'm mean is that how high school is really gonna be like i'm only in middle school

posted by the geek on Oct 15, 2009

hi!!!! is exelent you video is you belong witch me i love is fascinate i love it. good bye i love taylor my is lesbian

posted by andreassss on Oct 12, 2009


posted by agent N on Oct 10, 2009

_i been waiting and trying to find this..thank u soo much for posting it..ilove taylor sooo much..she deserve this awards...go tay..we love u soo much..love your reaction soo real...lovetaytctc

posted by melai on Oct 09, 2009

_i been waiting and trying to find this..thank u soo much for posting it..ilove taylor sooo much..she deserve this awards...go tay..we love u soo much..love your reaction soo real...lovetaytctc...ilove it sooo much thank you!!!

posted by melai on Oct 09, 2009

luv this video..u the best taylor...

posted by lisianthus on Oct 09, 2009
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