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The Witches of Oz Trailer

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A clip/trailer of The Witches of Oz

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The Witches of Oz Poster
The Witches of Oz

Release Date :

February 17, 2012 Limited

Studio :

Independence Film Investments

Director :

Leigh Scott

Starring :

Paulie Rojas, Sean Astin, Mia Sara, Christopher Lloyd

Dorothy Gale is a simple girl in rural Kansas who writes children's books based on the land of Oz created by her grandfather. Her mundane life is turned upside down when she receives an offer from a big New York agency to represent her books. In New York, Dorothy soon realizes that her books, and her grandfather's stories, are based on reality. The magical world of Oz and all of its inhabitants are very real and they are coming to New York City! Dorothy and her friends are the only ones who can stop the evil Wicked Witch of the West and her plans for global domination.


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