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Carrie Underwood - Cowboy Casanova

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Love the song but I'm wondering what hasina is talking about Taylor is 19 or 20 how much more can her voice mature? And teaching voice lessons for who cares how long still shows nothing as every singing voice is different in many ways lol

posted by Liana on Dec 06, 2009

this was the best vdeo i have eva heard

posted by denise on Nov 06, 2009

flhhdfhbdjhFUCK+YOU=sex LOL

posted by 6387268 g jhfdigesnb on Nov 02, 2009

i like it it's better then her other song i no so far

posted by stephanie1234 on Nov 02, 2009

This song and video is so....good. The more I watch it the better I love it. She so good at anything she does. What a beautiful women with a great heart.

posted by KNIG973 on Oct 06, 2009

love it!

posted by kristen on Oct 06, 2009

Carrie's voice is so very mature. She's not only beautiful but extremely talented in several genres. Crossing over is an awesome way to show how versatile she is. I found her new video very interesting and different, and I am proud of her ingenuity of going out on a limb. By the way, comparing Carrie and Taylor is like apples and oranges. They're just different. Carrie is very mature and Taylor has a ways to go before her voice actually becomes vocally mature. I do know what I am talking about. Have taught voice lessons for years. Best of luck to both of them.

posted by hasina on Oct 03, 2009

Awesome. Carrie looks and sounds great. Who's the guy?

posted by McIntyre on Oct 02, 2009

This is NOT the video that is airing on CMT this morning!!!!!! They are showing a black rap video!!!!

posted by Cowboy Casanova on Oct 02, 2009


posted by LiL_KIDify on Sep 30, 2009