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Plies - Becky

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THX that's a great anwesr!

posted by Bobbe on May 02, 2011

kute as ish i love all ur songz specially she got it made and becky

posted by plies#1fan on Jan 19, 2011

I love you plies. By kandi.

posted by Ms. Plies on Sep 18, 2010

It didnt even play what a waste of time!

posted by ZeZe on May 28, 2010

Hey baby wats really good damn u sexy in everythang u do i gots to have u love u always

posted by Mrs. Robinson on Apr 03, 2010

hey waz up plies dis yo wifey and i really luv u and i want u to come home tome

posted by plies\'s #1 Wifey on Jan 07, 2010

Hey sexy i hope you have a good new year boo? I did.

posted by Ms. Plies on Jan 02, 2010

HEY plies dis would be your #1 fan man i now so much about u dat im crazy about you i want 2 be your girl 4real plus who dnt like gven becky i love gven becky if u can gve me becky back lol love u kis stay up n god will bless ur sexx ass

posted by princess1618 on Nov 17, 2009

Hey plies im still prayin for you, for your situation that you go though in life. I have to say even everyone go though trial and tribulation almost everyday, but i say still keep your head up and pray to god he will hear you and test you to see you gone to do the right thing. And you have bless me to believe in myself so for that thank you... I always love you plies no matter wat...hopefully i will see you in person. Bye this is ya girl kandi love you plies.

posted by Ms. Plies on Nov 15, 2009