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Life of the Party Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Life of the Party

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Life of the Party Poster
Life of the Party

Release Date :

April 10, 2007 DVD

Studio :

Warner Bros.

Director :

Barra Grant

Starring :

Clifton Collins Jr., Eion Bailey, Ellen Pompeo, Larry Miller

Michael Elgin, former high school track star, now in his thirties, is floundering. He keeps life's realities at bay by having too many cocktails a few nights too often. One night, he crashes into a tree, emerges unscathed but catalyzes those who care into organizing an intervention. Michael comes home to find the group waiting: his friends, co-workers, parents, his wife, his new girlfriend. The group is nervous. The psychiatrist who was supposed to guide them is stuck in town with a suicidal patient. True to form, Michael takes over, and turns the event into yet another party. All the invitees start drinking themselves and the event spirals out of control. Secrets are revealed, emotions erupt, relationships disintegrate and Michael's life comes crashing down around him. In the aftermath, as he tries to pick up the pieces, Michael finally hits bottom, and is forced to face his demons.


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