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R. Kelly - Number One (Feat. Keri Hilson)

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hey kels, u always hot! u one of the greatest of our time

posted by joey on Jun 06, 2010


posted by TRINA on Sep 25, 2009

i can't for the rest of the cd its off the chain

posted by juicy on Sep 18, 2009

iit gets no better kiing of r&&b && mii favoriite siinger ii love iit && keriisz versiion =). kerii u tha beszt. kellsz u been doiin tha damn thanngg. yiizzuur!

posted by C e e ; * on Aug 23, 2009

This is crack! Best R. Kelly Track thus far...Ms. Keri put the icing on top...video is superb

posted by Beauty on Aug 19, 2009

great video

posted by emurphy on Aug 18, 2009

Kellz! what can i say my brother! You are whaz up! You do the darn thang everytime! Adding my hometown Peach Miss Hilson, you the man Arr! Kelly!

posted by JIMI B on Aug 18, 2009

That shit is hot,.....

posted by lekisha on Aug 18, 2009

To be honoust: I got shills all over my arms. R.Kellys first verse is incredible, that one really got me going. It is good that Keri is a guest in this track; is take the song to another, higher level.

posted by Håkan on Aug 18, 2009

Classic, vintage Kellz. Can't wait to hear the rest of Untitled.

posted by BillyLK on Aug 18, 2009