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Paramore - Ignorance

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aaahhh!!!!!! your my idol! words cannot express how much i love all your songs especially the only exception

posted by micky! :) on Apr 25, 2011

i love paramore

posted by , keren ... on Jun 11, 2010

the video dont play wtf???!!!!?

posted by zeze on May 10, 2010

I love you song paramore.Are you going to make a new one

posted by paramore on Feb 13, 2010

i love paramore! They inspired me especially hayley! Wew! Great job guys! Just c0ntinue to rock. I'll support you and also the Filipinos.

posted by abby! on Nov 23, 2009

OMG paramore is the best band! I love this band so much! paramore is my passion! thanks for there paramore!

posted by Caah on Oct 17, 2009

Paramore is the best!!can't wait for the album

posted by MJ on Aug 31, 2009

I love this!!!! I want the album now!!!!

posted by Paramoreluvr08 on Aug 31, 2009

this vid rocks!!! its kind of wierd, but thats Paramore... cant wait for their CD to come out

posted by awesome on Aug 29, 2009

it wasnt avalible where i am, but i saw it somewhere else and i did like it! HAYLEY'S HAIR ROCKSSSSS!

posted by CrystalRulesRBY on Aug 19, 2009

hey is it possible to download this thing from here? i like the hq

posted by kilmes on Aug 19, 2009

that was dumb. great song. the vid was high quality on mine, if tht helps anyone. i think you can change the settings.

posted by poop on Aug 17, 2009

Good But It Can Do Way BEtter

posted by Crash on Aug 14, 2009

Good But It Can Do Way BEtter

posted by Crash on Aug 14, 2009

why they dressed up Hayley as Gwen Stefani??

posted by OMFG on Aug 13, 2009

I like it... They are awsome. I love the song.

posted by Ana on Aug 13, 2009

i absolutly luv th song and paramore roxx

posted by paramorexxx on Aug 13, 2009

I love it, it's so cool! Hayleys hair is awesome :D

posted by Andrea on Aug 13, 2009

I'm not sure....

posted by Laura on Aug 13, 2009

trippy. and when hayley's in that cage? total Gwen Stefani-esque. i'm with laura, idk if i like it. and yeah, this video is NOT high quality. lol

posted by daina on Aug 13, 2009

Wow, I love it!! Paramore is so amazing! I'm sure BNE will rock

posted by Kelsey on Aug 13, 2009

excellent, amazing.

posted by eduu on Aug 13, 2009

and fuzzy....yeah.....fuzz!!

posted by Quortnie on Aug 13, 2009

lllllllerve it!! the video is kind of low quality though!! she sings faster than the video makes it seem....you know what i mean??

posted by Quortnie on Aug 13, 2009